Sustenance & Spectacle PART I Final

Behold! The long awaited story of (one of) the most beautiful edible tattoo by the most talented Luke LoPorto is complete! 

Documentary: Sustenance & Spectacle by the also talented Sam Sloan Wiechert featuring original score by CaveSpace is the sequence of events leading up to the tattoo of pasta on my inner left forearm. If you consider getting jealous about all the attention I get, don't, I hate it. But if you wish to feel jealous about anything, be jealous that I have an abundance of friends that celebrate me and the work that I do. I am pleased to present, Sam's first ever documentary film, introduced by her own words.

There is a certain beauty that lies in a maker who dedicates their entire being to their own form of self expression through art. People like this exude an energy that inspires me entirely, in my every day life, but most importantly in my own art practice. I wish to share with you a video piece I created in the hopes that you too may see all the beauty of one artist in his rawest form. All the highs and lows, moments bright and dark, each driving him forward to create something larger than himself. I am talking about my dear friend Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. who I had the chance to follow and document over the course of two extended weekends back in early 2015 (as well as a future date TBD). His life is like an everlasting endurance piece, as he communicates and creates with his own world in mind. As I ponder the meaning of my own work, I know this is for certain, Michael’s art practices, though however unconventional, excite and inspire everyone he comes into contact with.
— Sam Sloan Wiechert