The Urban Shaman Zine #1: In Anacostia

Click through for full Zine!

Click through for full Zine!

The first Urban Shaman Zine is here!

Through February 9th you can order a physical copy here.

And the digital copy is available at this link.

This content is very near and dear to my heart. I've spent many years trying to understand myself, my craft, and how I choose to express. During this process of discovery, I've been engaging others, helping to flesh this knowledge out for myself. Much of this and more is contained in this publication. It is also the first creative content I've produced that can be distributed widely since creating Oxygen3 and Get it Gurrrl. I look forward to getting this content in as many hands as possible. This is why the Zine is only $5 to buy, the cost it took to produce, and the digital version has been made available for free here.

Please enjoy, and share your thoughts in return!